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What  Survivors Are Saying...

“I love that UNLEASH is created BY survivors FOR survivors. These past two months have been a true investment in my personal healing.”


- Jamie

“The UNLEASH experience has allowed me to heal in ways I didn’t know I needed. Our stories and experiences were as different as the faces on the screen, but where we met was common ground...and it felt like holy ground. A sacred space to come bravely each week with questions and frustrations, anger, sadness. To come as we are and be seen and understood. It’s been a gift.”


- JF

“As a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault 17 years into the Healing Journey, this course touched facets of my Journey I didn’t even know I needed healing from. 

We were taught that laughter is healing. We saw voices rise from silence and chains break as we showed up on the screen each week. We were mended through each-others wounds and healing came in the most surprising and beautiful ways. This type of healing is eternal and will unleash possibilities for all of us in the lives we lead, how we continue to heal ourselves and how we reach out our hand to come alongside others on their healing path.”


- MS

“I love how (the UNLEASH group facilitators) made me feel safe...with their knowledge, communication style, expertise, and how they lead. I will be signing up for another ladies’ group!”


- Starr 

“Counseling has been a major struggle because there was SO much I was trying to dig into and I wasn't getting anywhere. I felt super stuck and frustrated. But after joining an UNLEASH support group I have literally plowed right through all of those things in just a few weeks! I just really really love this.”


- Brit

“Validating, comforting, freeing”


- RR

“UNLEASH is unlike any other course I’ve seen. It does not focus on the darkness and goes way beyond the light--it gives us purpose and equips us to step out boldly into our possibilities beyond our stories!”


- Melanie

“Having this safe space tucked into my life has been a highlight every week. I love the support. These survivors are the family I have needed."


- SK

“This community of survivors makes me feel heard, validated, and strong. We are learning to dig deep and see who we really are and to know that we are more than our abuse. We are learning to see the false stories about ourselves and to begin cutting those cords that have kept us from being free. WE ARE NOT BROKEN PEOPLE!"


- Stephanie

"HOLY TEARS! I wish I could tell you how much participating in UNLEASH has helped me these past several weeks. I was a little skeptical at first, but, man, I would do this 100 times over! I am now feeling empowered, loved, and humbled. Thank you, Nicole, for using your story to help so many of us live our truths. I will forever be grateful for UNLEASH!" 


- Mandy

"UNLEASH literally unleashed a powerful, soul filling camaraderie I didn’t realize I needed. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of a beautiful community of survivors these past 8 weeks. Nicole has cultivated every part of these series so tenderly with a depth of wisdom and grace. The integration of small films and writing prompts, to then come together to meet and unpack our own novellas in a safe place, and to be accepted just as you are...we were able to see the strength, courage, warmth, and familiarity in each other. UNLEASH has brought another level of healing for me."


- Bethany

"Taking part in UNLEASH was one of the best choices I have made for my healing. I’ve never been in community with survivors, and now that I am, I can’t imagine going backward. I finally found a place where I could be totally honest about some really tough questions and not be worried about the reactions I’d receive; everyone in the group just gets it. UNLEASH  provides a safe, structured place to talk about the things that we so often avoid processing externally. If you’re questioning whether you should sign up, please, please take the plunge. You won’t regret it!"


- Angela

"UNLEASH is truly for anybody in any season of healing from sexual abuse. I've been on the healing journey for many years and can confidently say that I walked away from these 8 weeks with so much more than I thought I would! The weekly videos provided so many different survivor stories that I deeply resonated with. And my small group left me feeling encouraged and comforted knowing I am not alone on this walk! This experience is what helps continue to break the walls of silence and isolation that so many survivors face."


- Marissa

"Healing is like an onion. UNLEASH pulled back another layer where I found validation, support, and a deep level of understanding as I sat among other survivors. We were able to help one another heal and grow in a safe space where we felt seen and heard. I was able to recognize the importance of holding my own experiences, and the freedom that comes with having power over them. I also found freedom in recognizing that I don’t need anyone else’s validation. I choose to believe the younger versions of me and I see how brave they were to speak up in their own ways. Lastly, I recognized that who I am is not because of my trauma, but because of the work I put into healing from it and transforming my life. I did that."


- Hayleigh

"Being part of the UNLEASH group has literally brought me new life!  I've been in counseling many times in the past due to many years of trauma and sexual abuse, but hearing from others in the group was exactly what I needed. Prior to UNLEASH (I realize now) that I believed a lie that my voice wasn't important. Today I feel a greater freedom and I know that my voice is important! UNLEASH has unlocked this hidden part in me that I'm now ready to share. I'm also so grateful for Nicole and Hannah's leadership in the group times and for their insight, encouragement, wisdom, love and care. I plan on attending another season of UNLEASH in the future to continue my healing journey!" 


- Linda

"Being a part of an UNLEASH support group was probably one of the scariest but boldest things I’ve ever done. Maybe you’re like me--maybe you have never shared your story, maybe you’ve never been able to identify yourself as a sexual abuse survivor because saying those words was too painful or you just never felt safe enough to speak your truth. This can be the place to start, a place where you can share as little or as much as you want and find acceptance, healing, and community. This journey is so hard, but I’m finding through UNLEASH that it is also SO worth it.  


- Sami

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