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Keynotes that inspire action.

Nicole Braddock Bromley speaking
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Since 2003, Nicole Braddock Bromley has been a powerful voice on the frontlines of sexual abuse awareness and a worldwide instrument of change.

Nicole speaks from the heart, sharing her own journey from silence to healing after sexual abuse and helping others find their voice, too. Having been viewed as the poster child of her community, excelling as an athlete, scholar, artist, and class leader, she appeared to have it all. But at the age of 14, she broke her silence with the truth that her entire childhood had been ravaged by the torment of sexual abuse. Nicole now publicly tells her story in an effort to educate and raise awareness about this trauma, and to offer hope and strength to others. She communicates the overwhelming effect sexual abuse can have on a life, but empowers all of us to work together to change the culture, engage conversation and be a VOICE.

Nicole's transparency, along with her witty, jubilant personality, will engage any type of audience and create an atmosphere of safety on this serious subject. For over 15 years Nicole has been spreading a message of education, hope and healing around the world that has carefully opened the door for countless victims to realize they're not alone and discover the tools that have lead them to freedom and purpose.

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"Our Little Secret: Breaking the Silence on Sexual Abuse, Assault and Trafficking."


Nicole's internationally recognized keynote presentation is the foundational message from which additional workshops and seminars can follow for deeper training and conversations.


Nicole offers a message of hope and education to all types of audiences that can be tailored to the unique needs of every group or event. She is highly sought after speaker for Christian colleges, NCAA prevention programming for student athletes, public schools, churches, Child Advocacy Center annual fundraisers, Sexual Assault Awareness events, conferences, companies, prisons, healthcare/law enforcement/advocate trainings, community awareness events, among all other types of venues. Nicole has also proved to be an effective and stimulating keynote speaker for 3-day series or week-long events and conferences, such as Relationship Week, Social Justice Week and Student Leadership Conferences.

Nicole Braddock Bromley interview
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​Our Little Secret​:

  • Nicole’s personal story

  • Awareness on issues of sexual abuse, assault and trafficking

  • Education on related topics such as victim blaming/shaming and consent 

  • Empowerment to all of us to be a part of the solution, not the problem

  • Hope and strength to other survivors or anyone with hidden trauma

  • Opportunity to engage in conversation and action to be part of culture change


Following her keynote, Nicole will often facilitate a Q&A or a breakout session for leaders to keep the conversation going within a community.

With 1-in-every-3 girls and 1-in-every-6 boys falling victim to sexual abuse before the age of 18, many are carrying horrible experiences with them everyday. Further, with campus sexual assault occurring at the rate we are currently seeing, and sex trafficking happening in every corner of our neighborhoods, it is vital that we as teachers, professors, coaches, residence life staff, clergy, counselors and student leaders know how to recognize the subtle signs of trauma, effectively respond to those who are silently crying out for help, and empower survivors in finding their purpose and making a difference in the world.

Other common spin-off seminars are: a workshop specific to the issue of human trafficking as Nicole is a modern day abolitionist with many stories to tell from the field (link to OV4f site), a late night "Girl Talk" or a co-ed "Talk-Back" coffeehouse chat as an informal convo/Q&A to follow the main message, or simply a guest speaker in a classroom. Nicole is open to your ideas and tailoring her time to best meet the needs of your community!

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