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What People Are Saying

“Nicole’s presentation delivered exactly what our conference needed. She was a ray of hope, a shining star, a spark that motivated and inspired our participants to recommit to their professional intentions of making this world a safer place.”

Stacey Huffman

LCSW, Aim Therapeutic Services LLC & MARATSA Conference board president

"Colgate University recently welcomed Nicole Braddock Bromley to campus as a guest speaker, and she did an exceptional job. Author and speaker Nicole Braddock Bromley is a sexual abuse surviver who has a gift of shedding light and hope through her personal story of some of the most dark and difficult issues plaguing all of our communities: sexual abuse, assault, and trafficking. Many students can relate to Nicole; they connect with the stories she shares and find her to be a person they can trust with their own stories. Staff can trust her delivery and involvement with students. Prevention education is a must for all of us and Nicole does a phenomenal job. Welcome the healing that can begin when Nicole comes to campus. Consider inviting her to yours!"

Corey S. MacPherson, DMin.

Associate University Chaplain, Colgate University

"In 25 years of working with speakers, I can count on one hand the number of women who have touched the hearts of students the way Nicole did during her visit Speaking out of incredible authenticity, with compassion, clarity, sensitivity and grace, Nicole opened up damaged hearts with the skill of a surgeon and brought a powerful word of hope If I can have her back to Spring Arbor every year, I will."

Ron Kopicko

University Chaplain, Spring Arbor University, MI

"Nicole's visit to our campus was a great blessing to both students and staff. She not only spoke in chapel but met with students one-on-one, led an evening session, and met with our Student Development staff. I was particularly impressed with her ability to graciously and appropriately answer questions on this topic and add depth to our understanding. It was truly an educational experience for all. The only thing I would change next time she comes is to have her stay longer."

Dr. Carol Harding

Dean of Residence Life, Moody Bible Institute, IL

"Nicole Braddock Bromley just concluded two exciting days with our students. She connects with her audience, is very engaging, personal, and warm. Nicole describes her journey in a way that allows students to identify with her ... and was available to meet with them (for hours) following the chapels. We appreciated her focus on the amazing power of the Holy Spirit to bring about healing and forgiveness."

Ron Hafer

University Chaplain, Biola University, CA.

"I am pleased to commend Nicole Braddock Bromley and her OneVOICE ministry as a resource for college and university campuses. Nicole brings a message of help, hope, and healing for people, like herself, who have suffered childhood sexual abuse. Her telling of a pilgrimage through pain combines an honest understanding of hurt with a realistic appreciation for recovery. Without resorting to cookie-cutter prescriptions, Nicole's ministry is redemptive and holistic, offering assistance to sufferers as well as the friends of sufferers."

Dr. Stephen B. Kellough

Chaplain, Wheaton College, IL

"As a professor, it is sometimes difficult to initiate a dialogue about sexual abuse and sexual issues. Nicole's honest, direct, and personal story provided information, inspiration, and the impetus for starting this important dialogue on our campus. She is an inspirational, engaging, articulate, and beautiful young woman. Having such outstanding young person visit our campus was motivational and encouraging to others and I hope we have the opportunity for visits with Nicole in the future."

Tami Eggleston

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology, McKendree College, IL

"Nicole brings a unique combination of personal experience, a polished delivery, and relatability to college students that proved very successful to our audience at Colgate. Students in Greek organizations can benefit from her program because silencing is a common and unfortunate alternative to distress. Nicole, however, proved the rewards of breaking that silence: confronting poor behavior, seeking supportive help, and healing to make a powerful difference for others. She is welcome back to campus anytime!"

Tim Mansfield

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Greek Letter Operations, Colgate University, NY

"Nicole's ability to take theological terms and make them practical encouraged me personally, and offered girls in my residence hall a journey to seeing how God is present in hard issues. Her clarity, thoughtfulness, and time was greatly appreciated."

Beth Underwood

North Russell Resident Chaplain, Baylor University, TX

"Nicole brings a unique combination of personal experience, a polished delivery, and relatability to college students that proved very successful to our audience at Colgate. Students in Greek organizations can benefit from her program because silencing is a common and unfortunate alternative to distress. Nicole, however, proved the rewards of breaking that silence: confronting poor behavior, seeking supportive help, and healing to make a powerful difference for others. She is welcome back to campus anytime!"

Tim Mansfield

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Greek Letter Operations, Colgate University, NY

"The Lord has His hand on Nicole's life, no doubt about it...We've only seen the beginning! Her courage in telling her story will continue to help many other victims of abuse finally find healing."

Roger Basick

Senior Announcer, WMBI 90.1FM, Moody Broadcasting Network

"I have never heard such an amazing speaker at our school. Everyone listened to her because she is young and she is real. I can't imagine doing what she does in front of 2500 high schoolers...Nicole is totally my hero!"


Kettering Fairmont High School, OH

"Nicole Braddock has a powerful story and she tells it well."

Dr. Rob Currie

Professor of Psychology, Judson College, IL & Author

"What Nicole is able to do in convocation to bring the students into focus to a real issue in our world today is amazing. She hit a home run!"

Coach Chuck Kelly

Offensive Line Coach for Charleston Southern University Football, SC

"Nicole has much to teach us, not only about how to turn a negative into a positive, but how to make a difference in the lives of others. She presents the topic in such a dynamic way it is real, yet sensitive, while sharing absolutely nothing graphic in nature...her visit to Country Day was empowering to all of us."

Dr. Naomi Schatz

Wellness Coordinator, La Jolla Country Day School, CA

"Nicole tremendously impacted our campus, and the entire student body. Weeks later, her message and visit continue to leave an impression here."

Linsey Barnett

Olivet Nazarene University, IL

"Up until today when Nicole spoke at my school, I thought [my town] was too small for anyone to make a difference. Nicole inspired me to reach out to othersShe has given me the courage and confidence to go into the world and shine Gods light over the darkness!"


7th grader & FCA Member, Mount Vernon City Schools, OH

"You were the best speaker at Campbell University so far in my three years here"

Male Student

Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC

"As a professional speaker, Nicole is known for her sensitivity and emotional way of connecting with students. We were fortunate to witness that. Nicole spoke to our students with such eloquence and bravery. We were very impressed with Nicole's compassion for sharing her message. Her desire to confront the issue of sexual abuse has brought encouragement to many and healing to others. Our students listened with much anticipation and were very moved by her story."

Phil Lee

Principal, Selma Middle School, Selma, NC

"You are an excellent speaker and your young age makes it seem so much more realYou will undoubtedly continue to touch lives wherever you go. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me."


Brenau University, Gainesville, GA

"Across the nation as we all take on this important, sensitive issue, it is vital to find a speaker that will speak truth, but do it in a way that will engage college students and hopefully lead to positive culture change around sexual violence. Nicole’s message is honest, emotional, and powerful. It clearly resonated with our 400+ student athletes and athletics department staff. Nicole worked very hard to tailor her message to our specific audience (NCAA athletes and coaches) and her communication along the way from our initial conversations and event setup, to the actual event with us was first class. I highly recommend Ms. Nicole Braddock Bromley to anyone in need of a speaker who will make a lasting impact on your group.”"

Todd Gibson

Director of Athletics, Grove City College, PA

"I had the honor of hearing Nicole Braddock Bromley speak and share her story at my workplace, Dropbox, inc. I was incredibly moved and touched by her story and message. My team and I enjoyed spending some time with her afterwards and I feel she would be a fantastic contribution to any conference."

Jill Eisenheart

Legal Operations Content Analyst, Dropbox, inc.

"Nicole is simply outstanding! I strongly believe that education and prevention programs are the key elements to reducing the incidences of rape and sexual assault on college campuses. Nicole is a dedicated speaker who presents these programs to students and student athletes. She has also assisted with developing and implementing training programs for faculty and staff, and has provided tailored programs for University Chapel Services. Nicole uses her own shocking life story to open the eyes of her audience to the actual experiences of victims of sexual assault/abuse. She is also able to connect with the hearts and minds of young men and women and college faculty that dont see sexual assault as a reality. Her audiences learn the appropriate way to respond to victims and accused students involved in cases of sexual assault. More importantly, her audience learns how to avoid becoming a victim and/or being accused of sexual assault. Our students continue to stay connected with Nicole well after she has left the campus. Nicole Braddock Bromley is a conscientious person who is not afraid to discuss sensitive and complex sexual issues/concerns. She models and expects professionalism, and takes her responsibilities for sexual assault education and prevention very seriously. She also exhibits a great sense of humor and encourages an open exchange of ideas and solutions in her presentations. I feel extremely honored to recommend Nicole Braddock Bromley to you with the highest of enthusiasm."

Kimberly M. Ferguson

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Judicial Affairs, Capital University, OH

"Nicole's presentation was clear, honest, and compelling. Her story, and the way she presented herself, was a blessing to our campus. Sexual abuse is too often either pushed under the rug or dismissed as someone's own fault. Nicole brings it into the open, and then lovingly confronts the secrets and the pain."

Howard Keim

Vice-President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty, Tabor College, KS

"Numerous students have since thanked me for bringing [Nicole] to the college. Nicole's honest and sensitive retelling of her story has opened the pathways for students to talk about their experiences and shown them that resilience and faith can conquer even the most devastating of circumstances."

Christine DeGregorio, M.Ed.

Peer Ed., Berkshire Community College, MA

"Prepare to be blown away when you have Nicole Braddock Bromley to campus!"

Bill Bemis

Resident Director, Bethel College, IN

"Nicole gave a wonderfully poised and important talk...She is a naturally engaging speaker and her humor and humanity does wonders in helping the audience face the nature of this issue. She clearly connected with our students and the dialogue on the topic continued in classes and informally between friends. The awareness that Nicole raises is invaluable, but most importantly she is a life-ring to those out there who she quite accurately notes are suffering silently."

Mike Gengras

Asst. Dean of Students, North Yarmouth Academy, ME

"Nicole's ministry at Malone was everything I hoped it would be...and more! She served our campus community so effectively and graciously. Her presence translates into hope, healing, and freedom for many. And in 12 years as University chaplain, I know when students are engaged with a speaker...they were with Nicole's every word."

Rev. Randy Heckert

University Chaplain, Malone University, OH

"Nicole's presentation on "Healthy Relationships and Codependency" really touched our student-athletes. They could relate to her, her sense of humor, and the personal stories she shared with them. Since Nicole's visit, I have had more open dialogue with my team and other student-athletes about relationship issues. As a result, I have also referred several student-athletes to counseling. Thanks to Nicole for her positive message on a sensitive topic."

Kelley Hartley Hutton

Volleyball Coach & Senior Woman Administrator, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN

"We were blessed to have Nicole with us. Her visit and presentations have helped us continue critical conversations on our campus...God is using her to change lives!"

Dr. Mike Hayes

Asst. Vice President for Student Life, Lee University, TN

"As a former athlete, Collegiate football coach, current pastor, and FCA leader, I cannot write enough about Nicole's ability to connect! GOD has anointed her with the ability to touch all groups. The greatest challenge in communication is to reach everyone regardless of context. Most speakers, and I mean most, are only effective in certain situations. Without a doubt, she soars in settings where people come from varied backgrounds! Why? Her story not only affects the one who has been sexually abused, but confronts and challenges us ALL! As you hear what GOD says through her, you will be grateful she is on our team. She's a can't miss!"

Jon Davis

Senior Pastor of Summit Church (Charleston, SC) and FCA Director, Charleston Southern University, SC

"Nicole impacted our students tremendously. Our counselor was inundated with students seeking help after her message. It is a difficult topic, but one that obviously needs to be dealt with, and she did so with candor and vulnerability. Her presentation was tasteful, appropriate, informative and gripping the chapel has never been so silent for a speaker. Nicole had the students with her the entire time."

Carl Creedon

Campus Pastor/Associate Dean of Students, San Diego Christian College, CA

"The discussion session for women was so good. Nicole answered our questions with honesty and humor. I know I wasn't the only one who walked away with so much more hope and understanding of issues that many of us were afraid to talk about before today. Nicole's visit to our campus will not be forgotten. We needed this!"


George Fox University, OR

"One of the most captivating things about Nicoles speech was the quality of the silence. Braddock, a survivor of sexual abuse, spoke on the issue with clarity, courage, and honesty; the air was so quiet you would have heard a fly land on the podium."

Miranda Puckett

Senior Writer for Roanoke College Magazine, VA

"After reading some of the responses from the other schools you've spoken at, I can see that you've touched many lives. You'll have to add mine to the list. You told your story with courage and strength that I've never witnessed before. Every person in that audience could feel the passion you have for reaching out to young people. I had never been able to talk to anyone about what happened to me, until I walked into that room and heard you speak. You made yourself available and I felt extremely comfortable when talking to you. Thank you for being so willing to accept the calling that God has set before you."

William Newell

Student, Concordia University, NE

"I commend to you a young lady who recently spoke in our chapel and did an outstanding job. Her name is Nicole Braddock Bromley and I invited her to speak in our chapel on the issue of sexual abuse. I had heard and read about her testimony from other college referrals. After having her at PBU, I can heartily endorse her as a fine young lady who is useful to the Lord. Since sexual abuse is rampant in America, some statistics reporting now that 1 in 3 girls [and 1 in 6 boys] will be sexually abused, it is incredibly beneficial to have a godly young lady speak on this issue out of her own experience and testimony of God's healing in her life. She was extremely well received by our student body and used by the Lord to minister deeply to a number of our young people. Her presentation was discreet yet powerful and I plan to have her back to PBU. I encourage you to consider having her in your chapel. If you would like to speak to me about her ministry please don't hesitate to contact me at PBU. Thank you and may the Lord bless you as we serve Him together in the gospel."

Tom Allen

Chairman of the Undergraduate Biblical Division & University Chaplain, Philadelphia Biblical University, PA

"Nicole has helped me so much. I heard her speak in chapel one day and have talked to her several times since. She gives me so much hope but most of all the encouragement I needed to find my own VOICE. Thank you Nicole, but most of all thank God."


Judson College, IL

"Nicole is a great speaker. Our auditorium has never been that quiet. You could have heard a pin drop"

Female Student

University of Evansville, IN

"It's amazing to see how God is using Nicole to reach so many people. Nicole made me aware of the reality of sexual abuse and rape in all communities, for both guys and girls, and made me feel comfortable as a male in the audience. She emphasized how important God has been in what she calls her triumph over tragedy, and how it is because of Him that she is able to heal. Nicoles presentation was inspiring, and an amazing story of the power of God in her life."

Blake Buhrman

Male Student, Tabor College, KS

"You did wonderful work here, Nicole. Many lives were touched. The students who sought counseling immediately following our chapel service are testament to the 'safe harbor' you helped us create here. Thank you so very much for showing others that they can confront their past (and present) and overcome."

Reverend Carl H. King

Chaplain, Columbia College, SC

"Thank you so Much!! Thank you for coming to North Central and contributing yourself to this incredible community! Since you have been gone, your name has come up in numerous conversations. I know that many are facing up to some of their past experiences, similar to yours, and being set free!"


Student, North Central University, MN

"I don't even want to think about where I would be today if Nicole hadn't shared her story at my school and given me the courage to share my secret. She saved my life."


Westmont College

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