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If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in search of real healing, this book is for you!

Both a personal workbook and a group study guide, SOAR walks with you through the four major steps of moving from silence to healing:


S - Shattering the Silence 
O - Overcoming Lies 
A - Accepting Freedom 
R - Reaching Out


In the seven sessions of this workbook companion to Hush: Moving from Silence to Healing after Childhood Sexual Abuse, Nicole helps you apply her teachings to your own personal circumstances and connects you with the support of a trusted group of survivors. Each group session opens with a video, hosted by Nicole, and features the inspiring stories of other survivors who have broken the silence and taken courageous steps forward on their healing journey by becoming part of this special community.


Join Nicole and other survivors of sexual abuse as you find the keys to unlock the chains that have bound you to your painful past. Now is the time you find the freedom to SOAR!


(Videos are available for free online at the SOAR link on, but the DVD is available here for purchase)

SOAR: A Companion Workbook to “HUSH” for Personal and Group Study

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