1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by age 18 and told to Hush

It's time to

Break The Silence

Education is Key to Prevention

Author and activist Nicole Braddock Bromley sensitively shines a light on sexual abuse, educating and empowering audiences around the world to find their voice and be a solution.


UNLEASH is an 8 week survivor-created and survivor-led e-course featuring film, storytelling, personal contemplation exercises and virtual support group for the healing journey from sexual abuse. 


Course includes:

  • +8 video downloads (1 per week) with survivor author/activist Nicole Braddock Bromley as your host, along with 20+ other survivors and friends sharing their stories and parts of their healing journeys

  • +1 ebook download, full of personal, reflective writing prompts for each week

  • +8 live virtual support group sessions where survivors can connect with up to 7 other survivors going through the same weekly videos and writing prompts. Nicole and other trauma experts and survivors will provide a safe and confidential presence to help guide group discussion over each week's material and encourage the engagement of questions, thought, curiosity and story-sharing in our safe virtual space.

Find Your Voice

In her internationally-recognized keynote, "Our Little Secret," and in her books, Nicole uses her own life story to break the silence on sexual abuse, bring hope, healing, and empower others on a journey from victim to Victory Over Impossible CircumstancEs.



Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence & Bringing Hope to Survivors

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